Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Research Practice Project - Primary Research Sources

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Final Research Proposal


Working with Housing and Residence Life over the last two years has given me the opportunity to work closely with and understand the relationships that living on campus allows students to create. I am interested in discovering where and why places on the UWF campus are appealing to students outside of obvious interests (Papa John's, We Proudly Serve Starbucks, etc.)

A few questions to start, though not necessarily the ones that I will strictly pursue:

  • What are the patterns that begin to appear through frequent visitation of these places?
  • How do students decide what paths to take? Does ease of travel or atmosphere/environment influence these decisions? (For example, would a student rather pass through the Camellia Garden on their way to 58A, or behind it for a faster trip?)
  • Do the connections between individuals change depending on these principles?
  • What sociological or architectural aspects does the UWF campus possess that encourage social behavior and on-campus living?


- inspirations from subway/railway maps (i.e. NYC, Tokyo)
- primary sources: frequently visited areas on campus
- discuss most commonly requested residence halls with Central Staff
- sociological/architectural research into what types of spaces/areas encourage social behavior


- on-campus residence halls (incl. Argo, Pace, Martin, the Villages, Presidents/Heritage)
- Housing Central (bldg. 19)


- brief survey concerning where students feel are superior places to spend time with others
- maps of both residence halls and campus as a whole: will request that volunteers outline paths
- photos of architectural areas of interest related to the survey/research intentions


- 11x17 or 20x20 inkjet prints detailing:
  • most popular halls
  • highest-density paths on campus, ideally revealing patterns of student travel
- copy of original survey

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Week 7 Reflection Post

Deciding on how to create an entire website with loose boundaries was a bit of a challenge. Did I want to create a site that was informative? About myself? Challenging? Or something reminiscent of and the movement? The possibilities were endless and overwhelming. Did I want to impress or simply complete the assignment?

I believe the storyboard I ended up creating did all of this. It is an image of myself in that it will catalog each of my characters in a way that mimics Jodi, and the way I plan to complete it will (ideally) be both impressive and fulfilling of the assignment parameters. The storyboard image itself is not complicated; it isn't made up of little screens or pictures and perhaps on its own it does not tell a story--but to that I argue that it tells my story, because the individuals contained (and soon described) here on these pages are a journey through my many years of creation and exploration of the themes and inspirations that interest me as a creator. I wonder about humanity, naivete, the battle between good and evil, and the containment of both of those attributes in a singular human (or non-human) form. Storytelling--conveniently enough, what this assignment requires--is an essential element to my life and feeling as though I've fully explored my own abilities.

The key to this storyboard is that it contains multiple paths that allow the viewer to visualize the connections between these characters, whether that be through themes, imagery, or simply color schemes. In turn, without it becoming too personal or uncomfortable, the viewer will learn at least a little about who I am and what I like to create, and once that's done, hopefully, he or she will decide that it's worth exploring their own interests and abilities to create stories of their own, as well.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

HTML Reflection - Week 6

With the inspiration of in the back of our minds, I think we tacked this unit on HTML in a different way than we did Photoshop. Coding is much different from photo editing or montaging; it's an active process that requires attention to detail and lots of forethought due to the way that HTML works. I've spent many years familiarizing myself with the tag system in HTML, in the form of bbCoding on internet forums where I personalized and decorated my posts and profiles. That being said, these practice pages were still a fun exercise in web design, and I learned a lot about what else is possible through the use of HTML.

My pages don't have a singular theme connecting them, and this was partly inspired by jodi and the seemingly nonsensical nature of the site. I wanted to play with the code, the tags, and the styles--really familiarize myself with them in preparation for the project to come. I love the collection of hex codes, and text is a heavy characteristic of these pages simply because I wanted to write what I could and play with it. In the future, I want to make more use of graphics and the manipulation of actual page elements. Looking at a website is a lot like looking at an art piece; there are elements similar to each, like composition, color/contrast, and scale.

The most satisfying part of this assignment was the actual code at the end, in Brackets' interface. Knowing that I'd crafted an entire web page from scratch was worth it, and being able to see each keystroke in that effort was a super cool touch.

Research Practice Project - Primary Research Sources

Barr, Christopher D., et al. “Too Stressed out to Participate? Examining the Relation between Stressors and Survey Response Behavior.” Jour...